Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kakkoii WOW Review

First Impressions

One look at the Kakkoii WOW (Japanese for cool and English for Without Wires) and it's easy to see the USP. The WOW speaker looks fantastic. The design is by London designer Antonio Arevalo and it's not like any other Bluetooth speaker I've seen. Others, such as the Jawbone Jambox, have gone for a similar approach to the wireless speaker by placing design at the top of the list and while the Jambox looks great, the Kakkoii WOW tops it for innovation. The silicon coating is durable, as it needs to be for a portable speaker and the selection of colours is also great.

User Experience

Like the Jawbone Jambox, the interface is simple with a pairing button on the back, or base depending on how you place the speaker. I had no problems pairing the device to numerous different smartphones and beyond that, there isn't much else to ask for. The sound quality was surprisingly good as well. For a small speaker it can easily fill a room with sound thanks to the 360 degree audio projection and, unless you are a real audiophile, you will have trouble finding a real difference in sound quality between this and the Jambox.

Quality & Value

The build quality is fantastic. As I mentioned, the silicon coating is very durable and grips surfaces well enough. The one problem I thought might occur was the speaker shifting around due to the conical shape of the front. This problem didn't arise. The speaker also seems to withstand drops well which is a must for a portable speaker.


The Kakkoii WOW is a great speaker. Easy to use and perhaps most importantly, it looks amazing. You will have noticed me comparing it to the Jawbone Jambox throughout the review, and I'd say it matches up well. Only thing is, the WOW is almost half the price at £55, so it's a no brainer.


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