Friday, 15 February 2013

LaCie Rugged Mini Review

LaCie are perhaps the only designer hard drive maker out there. Certainly the only largely successful one and the Rugged is at the heart of this. Usually external hard drives are something to hide under the desk or behind a box. Not anymore.

The Rugged Mini looks like something you'd want to have on your desk. It's made from premium materials and isn't too large to take up space.

I had no problems at all connecting it to my Mac Mini. The proprietary cord supplied isn't that long and I know that's kind of the point, but I'd have still liked it to be a bit longer in case I decide to move it to the other side of the desk. Transfer speeds were impressive, but nothing amazing. Everything you'd expect from USB3. There is a Thunderbolt version available for Mac users which should boast even more impressive transfer speeds. As it was, an 8GB movie transferred to the had drive in about 10 seconds, slightly more time than advertised by LaCie, but it wasn't that precise.

The hard drive is made from aluminum, with the orange bumpers made of rubber. The bumpers grip the desk incredibly well so no chance of the drive slipping onto the floor. If you do drop it, however, the drive should be able to survive falls from up to 1.2 meters. Dropping the hard drive off the desk to the floor seemed to back this up.

If you're not bothered about blistering speed or a massive capacity (the Rugged Mini comes in 500GB or 1TB), the LaCie Rugged Mini is, without question, the best external hard drive on the market. It will set you back about £100 depending on where you get one, but in my opinion, that's money well spent.


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