Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Moped iOS Review

Messaging has become highly convoluted in recent years. Just what platform do you use? SMS, BBM, iMessage, Facebook Chat, Twitter, Skype, E-Mail? All of them do different things very well but none does everything you could want in one package. Maybe Moped is finally the platform we have all been waiting for.

Moped simplifies messaging where other platforms do the exact opposite. You can message other Moped users and non users by including their @name handle in a message. This means you can add and take away people from the conversation at will. New entrants into the conversation are filled in on what has been discussed so far, so they are kept in the loop.
But where Moped really shines is it's integration of other services. You can include Foursquare locations in messages to give locations, attach photos and even attach Dropbox files that can be accessed via the web. It's a refreshing way to approach messaging and puts an end to awkwardly trying to describe things in text messages. Moped is truly a multimedia messaging system. Apple's iMessage could certainly take tips from Moped.
The integrated platforms are limited at the moment , but I look forward to other services potentially being included in the future. Moped gives us a glimpse at the future of messaging, and the future looks bright.


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