Thursday, 14 February 2013

Urbanears Slussen Preview

Urbanears today released their Slussen Adapter and iPhone app. The adapter allows you to connect your sound system and headphones to your iPhone and then use the app to mix tracks. As usual with Urbanears, the device and app are both very well designed and the app is also free so all you will have to shell out for is the adapter, which comes in at £12.99 in the UK.
The adapter comes in various colours, grape, petrol, pumpkin and tomato and is available now from the Urbanears website. Urbanears also provide a series of YouTube videos for getting to grips with the app.
We will be reviewing both the app and adapter when they arrive at our door in a few days time. Until then, check out Urbanears' promotional video for the Slussen at the top of the article.

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