Thursday, 7 February 2013

Why Jailbreak an iPhone?

By Sean MacEntee ( [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

So you can finally jailbreak your iPhone 5. But why would you want to? It seems odd to pay a premium for amazing design and a stable, locked OS, and then hack it.
What you are paying for with an iPhone is the build quality, logo and iOS. Why would you want to tear up the ecosystem with the universally recognized best app store and the most reliable operating system? It's like ordering Nouvelle Cuisine at a Michelin stared restaurant and then smothering your meal with BBQ Sauce.
It's not like you suddenly get access to tonnes of apps you otherwise wouldn't have. You can jailbreak or hack other Mobile operating systems and still get access to the hundreds of illegal and copied apps and games. If you want a more open OS, why would you buy an iPhone in the first place. You could get a comparable Android device for £150 less.
By jailbreaking an iPhone, you are destroying everything that is good about it. You open it up to viruses and malware while also making it much more unstable. The moral of the story is; if you want a burger, go to a barbeque, not a Michelin stared restaurant.

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